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Elizabeth Steiner and Beth Serjeant featured on National Radio's Standing Room Only yesterday talking about the Janus Press exhibition at Object Space. The exhibition has been conceived to coincide with ABC2014NZ.

There is still plenty of time to register for the conference however, please note that registrations will close on Wednesday October 22nd.

Here is another wee taster from our eclectic conference programme;


I am one of a growing number of so-called ‘slashers’ as in - artist/printer/binder/teacher. Slashers are part of an emerging trend known as the ‘portfolio career’, which can be a very rewarding career move if you are the right personality type. My schedule varies dramatically from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and I am forced to compartmentalise my time to ensure I get some thing completed before moving to the next task. My income is very lumpy and comes from part time consultancy and business support work and a personal business selling my creative outputs. It came out of necessity but even if I won Lotto tomorrow I don’t think I would do anything different.
When you are a procurement consultant, facilitator, teacher, botanical pencil artist, importer of bone and horn folders, book binder and you’re learning how to letterpress print – how do you brief the designer who is rebranding your business?
Do you try to keep each aspect of your ‘portfolio career’ separate or do you embrace them forming interesting connections and build on them?
Leaves (on trees and in books) grow on branches of trees which are cut down to make paper which is used to make books containing stories formed from words which are made up of individual letters.
Tree wood is also used to make pencils. I use pencils to create images of trees (and other flora) on paper. I also reprint the drawings on paper and bind them into books. I am learning to use type to make words, that make sentences and stories to  accompany my drawings in books and cards.
Sometimes I take old books that are being thrown out and I rip out the pages and fold them to make paper flowers or perhaps even new books.
In everything that I do I want to: educate, connect, encourage, inspire, enhance and transport.