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Just added to the website is information for traders. If you are a trader or know any that you would like to see at our conference, please take at look the Trader Inquiries page and pass on to others.

Also added to our home page is the fabulous conference poster designed and printed by Tara McLeod of The Pear Tree Press. There is a link on the page that takes you to a pdf version. Feel free to download it and print for display.

Tara is one of our conference presenters, here is a little more information about him and his presentation:


Discussing recent technology innovations influencing letterpress: photopolymer plates and laser cutting, giving access to letterpress printmaking on a broader scope than with traditional materials.
Showing printed examples of metal types held by the Pear Tree Press of which are now currently popular computer fonts in commercial use. Examples of design using metal and wood types displaying the freeing up of typographic thinking whilst working within the constraints of letterpress technology.


Tara is a multimedia artist with a background in graphic design. His works have been exhibited widely including the Dowse Art Museum and The Alexander Turnbull Library who hold a substantial collection of his work in their Rare Books and Fine Printing Collection. Since 2001 until its recent closure Tara was the designer/printer at the Holloway Press University of Auckland. Pear Tree Press books and prints are collected by major libraries and private collectors in New Zealand, United States, England, Australia and Canada.   His work had been reviewed in Matrix and featured in Parenthesis. He is a regular printer in residence at the University of Otago 's Otakau Press and has exhibited at The Whittington Press, Oxford, England. Tara has the distinction of being the only contemporary New Zealand artist to feature in the book Real Gold: Treasures of Auckland Public Libraries.